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A Resilient Mother's Day Celebration

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

We did it and the Mother's Day Brunch was a huge success. With our spiritual mother First Lady C. Jackson giving us the history of what and how Mother's Day become so. We were all blessed to hear the details and pray for a new year to come. Thank you to all our friends, supports and vendors for helping create a wonderful brunch event. We can't wait till 2023!

Something new and beautiful to our 1st Mother's Day Brunch was our special "Flower Bar". Each mother was able to design her very own fresh floral bouquet. This was something each woman took pride in and enjoyed creating with love. Such a blessing to the ladies.

Inspired Theme: Give Her Flowers

Floral Design @alwayslinkedwithlove

Photo @showmycharm

Colors: Red/Pink/Gold/White/Green

Catering @Countryclub


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